Rocio Heredia, Designer Metalsmith - Traditional Metalwork Techniques of Chasing and Repousse. Artist of the Mexican Contemporary Generation.

Rocio Heredia is a self-taught artist of the contemporary Mexican generation specializing in traditional metalsmithing techniques of Chasing and Repousse in high relief to raise intricate designs on silver, copper, brass, tin and 24 K gold. Rocío teaches private classes and workshops on her Chasing and Repousse technique in Mexico and abroad. For Information please contact the Artist.

Rocío Heredia at MTLWRX Rocío Heredia and Students Rocío Heredia at MTLWRX

Karen Chrisitans and Rocío Heredia Jennifer Mank MTLWRX Studio Mate Albert atached to Rocío


Sumner Silverman and Rocío Heredia BPFink, Charlene Fink & Karen Christians BPFink, Rocío Heredia and Charlene Fink


Rocío Heredia and Karen Chrisitans Rocío Heredia at MTLWRX Rocío Heredia at MTLWRX
Christine Connor MTLWRX Studio Mate Chris Aharonian MTLWRX Studio Mate Claire Rosenzweig and Rocío Heredia

Anne Larsen-Hollerbach and Rocío Karen Christians at MTLWRX Rocío and Michael David Sturlin


Karen & Dave Stefanovic, Rocio & Sturlin Kate Wolf, K, Rocío & Michael D.Sturlin Kate, Karen, Praparat & Michael D.Sturlin


Joan Dulla and Karen Christians Karen Christians Rocío, Karen and Christine Quiriy


Repoussé Workshop at MTLWRX Repoussé Workshop at MTLWRX Karen Christians and Dave Stefanovic
Snag Conference , San Francisco, CA
James Reddington and Rocío Heredia Nicole Bernier MTLWRX Studio Mate-Rita Rocío Heredia and Karen Christians


Rocío Heredia and Ann Cahoon Put a repoussé candle on your bench! Rocío, Sarah and Tevel Herbstman


Sumner Silverman and Karen Christians Rocío Heredia and Josh Powell Martha's Vineyard
Tom P. Muir and Rocío Heredia at BGSU Repoussé Workshop at BGSU Rpoussé Workshop at BGSU
Private Collection Tom P. Muir
Repoussé Workshop at BGSU Saint George - Private Collection TP Muir Terrie Masters, Christine, Rocio & Karen
Private Collection Karen Christians. Photo by Robert Diamante Private Collection Karen Christians
Elixir of Life - Silver, 24 K, Peridots, Patina Detail. Private Collection Karen Christians Saint George - Copper, Patina, Repoussé

Rocío, Dolores and Larry Valenza, NY Rocío Heredia and Dolores Valenza, NY Dolores Valenza, Paintress/Sculptress

Fall - Private Collection Dolores Valenza
Bianca López, Rocío & Dolores Valenza Fall - Silver, 24 K Gold, Patina, Repoussé Repoussé Worshop D. Valenza Studio,

Students at D.Valenza Studio, NY Students at D.Valenza Studio, NY Students at D.Valenza Studio, NY